Monday, June 28, 2010

Orphan Photo #65

Orphan 0065

Orphan 0065A

This is a photo of Rosamund Hall, who attended Smith College (Northampton, Massachusetts) in 1901.  Despite the name, I wasn’t able to find a conclusive match for her.  It’s hard to say where she was in 1900, although Massachusetts would be a strong possibility.  Additionally, she could have been enumerated as Rosa, Rose, Rosie, etc., making the possibilities endless without a definitive location.

If she’s your relative, contact me!




I'm reading her name as Rosamund. Does the census have her as Rosalund?

Julie Cahill Tarr

Hi Norkio,

You are correct, I just typed it wrong. It's fixed now :)



nice blog


Could the name be not of the lady but of her dorm or class building?

Julie Cahill Tarr

ME, that's a very good point! Could be...


I agree with ME, it could be the hall she lived in.

grant ashley

my mothers maiden name is hall. but we are newzealanders!

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