Monday, January 25, 2010

Orphan Photo #41

Orphan 0041

What’s unfortunate with the photograph is that there is no identifying information.  But what’s neat about it is the fact that there is a photograph of a woman in the background. Could it be his wife”  Perhaps a daughter?

The imprint reads: " “W.P. Hockart, Richland, Iowa.”




Just an idea...have you considered sending copies of your mystery photos to the GenWeb, GenNet, and genie/historical society websites for the counties in which they were photographed?

You just never know...


What a wonderful photograph. I love the photograph on the table and the beautiful expression on his face. What a shame it has no information about who he is.


I have seen photos with an additional photo on a table like that. I would guess that was a wife. I have seen siblings with a photo on a table (in our family collection)and it was of course a deceased sibling.

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