Monday, January 18, 2010

Orphan Photo #40

Orphan 0040

Aren’t these little boys adorable?  Unfortunately there is no identifying information for them.  The imprint reads” F. B. Strathmann, Mascoutah, Ill.”

As luck would have it, I did find an F B Strathman (wife Ida) in Mascoutah, St. Clair, Illinois in the 1900 census listed as a photographer born in August 1867.  A look back at the 1880 census indicates he may be Frank Strathmann, son of Eliz.  I find Frank B Strathmann and his wife Ida in Seneca, Nemaha, Kansas in 1910, still a photographer.  He and Ida remained in Seneca, Kansas until at least 1930.  Given that information, and his age, it is likely this photograph was taken between 1885 and 1910.



Sherry - Family Tree Writer

What a great photograph, and how sad. I'm working my way through some photos of my mom's and she doesn't know who they are because her mom didn't write on them, and they are before her time (and she'll be 98 later this week!) but we're doing what we can!


I have a few photos taken by Strathmann in Mascoutah, Il. One, dated 1897 even has this same chair in it!


I have several photos by Strathmann in Mascoutah, that were in family photo albums from the late 1800s/early 1900s. In the early 1980's my grandmother provided names for many of the photographs - including some of Mr. and Mrs. Strathmann and some of their children. She was uncertain of the spelling which was originally transcribed by me as Strautman. She indicated that Strathmann was the family photographer of some of the family group photos that were separate from the albums and that the photographer's family were good friends to her parents. Mrs. Strathmann and children were in some of these family group photos.

Contact me if you wish to see them.


I would LOVE to have you contact me. I'm a great-granddaughter of F.B. & Ida Strathman and would greatly appreciate access to any photos you have of them or their family.
Sue Wolff

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