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Orphan Photo #17

Orphan 028

This cabinet card features a wedding photo for Charlie Gattreu and Carrie Hamryharsen.  It was taken by Swetnam in Edina, Missouri.

I was able to find a Newton I. Swetnam in the 1900 census.  He is 32 years of age (born April 1868) and listed as a photographer in Knox Co., Missouri.  I suspect that this is the gentleman who took to photo.  According to the Zeltner Family Tree on Ancestry, Isaac Newton Swetnam was born on 4 April 1868 and died 29 November 1929.  Isaac/Newton is also listed in the 1910 census as a photographer in Macon Co., Missouri.

I also found a Charles Gattrell in the 1880 census, listed as 13 years of age, living in Adair Co., Missouri.  I am not sure if this is the Charles in question.  I was unable to find anything on Carrie. 

I then found a listing in the 1900 census for a Charles and Carrie Gottreu, ages 30 and 24 respectively, living in Lewis Co., Missouri.  It shows them as being married two years.  Based on this finding, I don’t believe the Charles mentioned above is the correct person as the information does not match up (i.e., age and parents’ place of birth differ, as does other information).

Based on the information obtained, I believe this photo is of Charles and Carrie Gattreu or Gottreu, who were living in Lewis Co., Missouri in 1900.  The photo was taken circa 1898, concluded based on the year of marriage listed in the 1900 census.  This also aligns with the photographer listed in the 1900 census.

Note:  All counties mentioned in the article are neighboring, in the northeastern part of Missouri.

WeddingThis was written for the Smile For the Camera carnival.  The theme for this edition is “Belles Weddings.”



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1910 U.S. Federal Census; Hudson, Macon, Missouri; Roll: T624_796; Sheet: 9A; Enumeration District: 78.

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1900 U.S. Federal Census; Salem, Lewis, Missouri; Roll: T623_871 Sheet: 4B; Enumeration District: 57.



Brett Payne

Thanks for the great photograph and excellent research, Julie. You ask in your blog title, "Who will tell their story?" Enthusiasts like us can start the ball rolling with some detective work and a sensitive presentation of the image with what is uncovered, and indeed you do a wonderful job of this. However, I always feel - and I believe that you do, too - that the ultimate is to find a family member who can take the project to the next level. It for this reason that I am always very excited to find a living relative of the subject of an orphan photo, and in particular one who has already demonstrated an interest in family history.

My initial interest in this photograph was piqued by the fact that I have relatives who emigrated from England to Lewis County, Missouri for a few years around 1870. I looked at the 1900 Census entry which you referred to - in Salem, Lewis County - and then followed the family forward in time through the census records fairly successfully, although with some difficulty because of the alternative spellings and odd transcriptions of the surname.

It appears that Charles and Carrie Gottreu did not have any children. However, Charles's younger brother James Henry, who was boarding with them in 1900, did marry, move to Tiger Fork, Shelby County, and have two children, a daughter and a son. The son was Wayne Gottreu, whose grandson Scott has a blog Treu-Blog, and has written about his ancestors in How it all began..., including a wonderful hand-coloured carte de visite portrait of his great-great-grandfather Hermann Gottreu in what I presume to be Civil War uniform (larger image on Flickr). Hermann must be the father and father-in-law, respectively, of your Charles and Carrie Gottreu.

Please keep them coming, and I'm sure we can uncover more about their lives.

Regards, Brett


Hey Brett,

Did you happen to pass this along to Scott? I plan to check out the blog and link you referred to when I get a few minutes to breathe. I'd love to give this to Scott if it's his family. Thanks for the info.


Brett Payne

Hi Julie. No,I thought I'd leave that to you, if that's what you wanted. From the way his blog article reads, he sounds like he would appreciate it very much. Regards, Brett

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