Monday, February 25, 2013

Orphan Photos #144 & #145

Orphan 0144

Orphan 0145

These photographs were taken by the same photographer, Dowe, and you’ll notice that the same chair is used in both.  I can tell by the board and the different style imprints that they were taken at different times.  Upon closer inspection, I have a feeling that the toddler in the one photo is also the infant in the other photo, as they both show similar facial features and the same hairline.  Here’s a close-up view.  What do you think?

dowe1 dowe2



Jacqi Stevens

Julie, you are probably right about the possibility of the toddler being the infant in the previous photograph. The two infants are certainly not the same.

Is there any geographic location included on the back of the photographs? I didn't see any identification on the front, other than the photographer's name.


Nothing on the back, Jacqi.

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