Monday, November 7, 2011

WWTTS Reaches a Milestone!

The Who Will Tell Their Story? blog has reached a huge milestone today by posting its 100th orphan photo.  Since January 2009, this blog has been posting orphan photos in the hopes of reuniting these cherished family mementos with their rightful owners.  I have successfully reunited a few with family and am still working on a handful of others, some in part through the help of readers who have done some digging on their own.

The 100th photo is a special one for many reasons.  First, it’s identifiable.  The photo is of a Canton, Ohio, lawyer, William A Lynch.  I spent a LOT of time on this family, more than I usually do, simply because his family was so interesting and no matter what the year, I always found something in their hometown newspaper.

Second, this photo marks the beginning of a new practice I’m implementing on this blog.  Typically, when I piece together these family, I take a bunch of notes by hand (or as part of the blog post).  However, after working on #100, I decided it would be a better idea to post a family tree on Ancestry to help people identify the family, encourage additional research by my readers if they choose to do so, and preserve the family history of the families depicted in these orphan photos.  This also means that I will go back to the other identifiable photos previously posted and create a family tree for them on Ancestry as well as continue the practice for the new orphan photos I post.




Congrats on the milestone! What a great idea and so generous of you to make a family tree for the photos you identify.

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