Monday, February 7, 2011

Orphan Photo #69 & #70

Orphan 0069-A Reynolds

Orphan 0070-A Reynolds

Orphan 0069-B Reynolds

(Kate?) Reynolds

Orphan 0070-B Reynolds


These two CDVs hail from Boston, Massachusetts.  They look like they were taken at the same time, and since Reynolds (albeit with questions marks) is found on both, it is quite possible they are sister and brother.  Given the style of the CDV, they were likely taken between 1880 and 1905.  Without more specifics, it’s hard to say who exactly they are and there are too many Reynolds families in the Boston area.

The imprint reads:  Holland, 611 Washington St., Boston.




I always wonder what the storied were behind the people in the pictures.

Intense Guy

I dug around to see who the photographer was - and I found him mentioned in a couple issues of "The Harvard Monthly". He is at the 611 Washington Street address in October, 1895. in a later edition of the same magazine dated March 2, 1896, the studio is known as Frees and Holland.

H.F. Holland was at 10 Temple Place up to 1889. I can't determine when he moved. Your pictures are probably between 1890 (or later) and early 1896.


Intense Guy - Thanks for the additional information. That certainly narrows down the date range even more!

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I truly like your blog. I will keep coming back for more. Continue telling the stories in the photograph

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