Monday, January 17, 2011

WWTTS? Named Blog of Note by Blogger

I logged into Blogger a few moments ago and reviewed the comments for my other blog, GenBlog.  One of them mentioned they came across GenBlog through this blog , “because that blog is Blogger's Blog of Note today!”  This could explain the 32 comments that needed to be reviewed for the WWTTS? blog.  As suspected, many of the comments were left by those who had seen that WWTTS? was the blog of the day.

Not knowing what they were talking about, I did a search and found Blogs of Note, “interesting and noteworthy Blogger-powered blogs, compiled by the Blogger Team.”  Lo and behold, WWTTS? was listed for January 13th.  For more information on Blogs of Note, refer to Concerning the Historie and Nature of Blogs of Note at the BloggerBuzz blog.

And even though this blog is on hiatus (which I hope to change VERY soon), there are now 268 followers.  It’s quite an honor to be recognized by the Blogger team!



Miriam Robbins

Very, very cool!

Henk van Kampen



Congratulations! This is a big honor and you should be proud - I like the idea of making sure that these photos get out on the Internet so they can be identified.

Sheri Fenley

Congratulations Julie!

Heather Wilkinson Rojo

Congrats! I'm glad they gave you a shout out. It's about time a genealogy blog showed up on that list.


Congrats to you on the Blogger of Note. I will check out your otehr blog. Hope you will be coming here again soon. Loved what I saw and was reading very interesting and full of fun facts of histroy in searching for homes for those lost photos.


I'm a new follower but not cause of that. I just stumbled upon your blog and I found it cool what you're doing. So, I stuck around to see what happens.


wow I love your blog; this is so great. A history lesson for all to enjoy; thanks!
you are free to see my french vintage school poster and map on my blog...thanks


Congratulations! I've only seen one other gen blog as a Blogger of Note. Great honor for you!

Bill West

Congratulations, Julie!


Congrats! Blog of Note is how I found your blog yesterday and I've really enjoyed reading it!


I'm a new follower...d I found it cool what you're doing.


Congratulations! your blog its very nice

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simply awesome! check me out http://joeymax-stayathomedad.blogspot.com/


wow congratulations! just stumbled on your blog :)


Congrats on being a blog of note. Hope you'll come by Levonne's Pretty Pics and A Camp Host's Meanderings when you have a moment to spare!


It's great to know its not all about fun but dedication at heart. I am just a new member in this e-blogger site and I actually don't know what to post first..what I did is I follow my heart and wish to share something that made my life worthwhile..Thank You so much for the inspiration.


i am very happy for you. i am new just wrote my 1st blog I hope one day i have others to read mine as they do yours. I pray you keep up the good work

John Bryson

I haven't seen photo's this old since I last read my picture bible!!!

4 life

wow great blog, im new still trying to get hang of this so if anybody wants to see my blog they can :)http://griefinyourlife.blogspot.com

Ms. Insane

...and that's how I found your blog as well. I'm relatively new with no blogs to follow so I decided to hit the Blog of Notes, clicked on your site, read some of the posts, then decided to stick around.

Well, I guess the Blogger team did an awesome job today. See you around! =)


congrats, and how the feeling became a blog of note?


Great job! Congratulations to you.


Congrats on your Blog of Note !
I rarely read them but your blog title intrigued me. What a wonderful, unselfish service you are providing with the posting of these orphan photos ! Thank you so much !!!

BTW, in my opinion, most Blogs of Note DON'T live up to that title...yours is a little treasure that DOES ! It highlights how important and eternal family roots really are...you are awesome !

And now, I am a follower too...who knows... you might find some of our family photos too !


Congrats man, everyone fights for that honor, grats on making it.
Humor Chronicle

Meli Anna A



Rhia Jean

I fully agree with Nonna Beach! And I really think this is a clever blog. Really. I noticed that one of my family surnames is one that is listed here on your blog, but I have to go back and check my records if it is the correct person that is related to me. I will definitely let you know! Thanks for all you do!:)


Congrats on the blogs of note. :) I came to your site through blogs of note. Must be a good blog to be recognized by google. :)


Pretty Pauline

You deserve it. Your blog is beautiful and a thrill to find!


Congrats. I'm just getting started with my story of an upcoming year in Afghanistan. I hope to reach your level of interest.



Wow! Blogs of Note! congratulations ... It's my dream ...



india flint

good for you
could be the red tulips
interesting stories
happy trails

Lakeside Living

Excellent blog!




just found the blogs of note today too and came across this blog.. :) wonderful blog by the way :)





Congrats! That's very exciting!

Tanya from Dans le Lakehouse

That's how I found it! What an interesting concept. Great blog.


Congratulations! It's very inspirring, you must be proud of it! Keep on moving.

Poetry of the Day

this is awesome! congrats man!!!


Congratulations! wah woul you say about that: http://socialmedia.kkandk.de/2011/01/17/the-ugly-blogling-story-2/


wow congrats

im still getting a hang of blogs too so please follow!


Congrats dear friend... hope you enjoy the FAME>> hahaha


Super cool blog.. very entertaining thankssssssssssssssss

Chantal Larochelle

Congrats ! Beautiful site by the way. I love looking at vintage photos. So many stories...

Miss I. Lover



I find your blog awesome!

Billy Holman

I want to applaud you on the recent accomplishment, but more than that I want to thank you for what you are doing, working so hard to reunite people with their long lost memories. This is really an amazing blog, and you are an amazing person for devoting your time to such a worthy cause.

song tich cuc



Oh,great post .I really like it ^^!

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Al S.

It is a very big accomplishment. Congrats.



Blue Lou

Love your blog! I nominated you for Stylish Blogger award, come pick it up at my blog.


A rootdigger

that is quite an honor.I haven't looked at blog of note for some time.

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