Monday, December 14, 2009

Orphan Photo #35

This one is definitely a find for a genealogist.  It practically gives you the family on the back of the card! 

Bub. Jones Son of
Jim and Criss M[?]ierly Jones,
Grandson of
Abel and Martha Underwood Jones,
Brothers and sisters of Bub. Jones
Cap. Jones Glisan [?]
Mattie Jones Sillers
Carrie Jones Riney-Miller
Lille Jones
Albert Jones
Melvin Jones

The photographer’s imprint reads: 

Kahoka Mo.

Well, wouldn’t ya know, there is no “Bub” Jones in the censuses (okay, there are two but neither are relevant).  So I searched for Melvin, since it’s the least common name among the list of Jones’.  I find the family living in Lewis County, Missouri in 1870 and 1880.  Kahoka is located in Clark County, Missouri, which is right above Lewis County.  Having not done extensive research in the area, I suppose Kahoka could have one time been located in Lewis County.  Regardless, the relative location seems to be a good fit for this photograph and this family.

From what I gather, this young gentleman is James Jones, who apparently went by the nickname Bub.  I assume this because James is the only one not accounted for on the list on the back of the photo, but shows up in the 1870 and 1880 censuses. 

James was born about 1860, so based on this and guessing that he was about 20 or so when the photo was taken, I estimate it was taken about 1880.

There are a LOT of James Jones’ that I can’t even begin to piece this one together to even begin to figure out if there are any living relatives that may want this photograph.  So, if you think it’s yours, please contact me.  If anyone wants to take a stab at piecing the family together, post a comment on this post.



Life Goes On

What a wonderful genealogist find for some family. Most of my photos come up with no name and not much hope to find family


You are correct as to the family, but not about Clark County being part of Lewis County - now Clark County is a small county, but its still much larger than Lewis County - lol - at least it was - and Gilhousen is a very famous name in photography. Google "Gilhousen Kahoka" - the son went on to New York and did lots of naked lady photography.

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