Monday, July 27, 2009

Orphan Photo #26

Orphan 038

This CDV hails from Northampton, Massachusetts.  On the back, I believe it reads Ethel Frances Fernald and the year 1902.  A quick search on Ancestry revealed a few possibilities that will take some time to dig into to see if I can uncover some living relatives that may be interested in this photograph.




I just emailed a friend about this one. He lives near, and looks a bit like her!

Heather Rojo

Keep in mind that Northampton is the home of Smith College, one of the Seven Sisters, and one of the oldest Women's Colleges in the USA. Perhaps this was a student's graduation photo?

Ed Hamilton


is an Ethel F. Fernald in Melrose,MA, in 1900, whose occupation is "Smith College Student" Would you believe it?

her birth from familysearch

1930 still single and at home:

Julie Cahill Tarr

Thanks Ed, I will have to do some more digging on this one!

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