Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Orphan Photo #5

Orphan 018

This is an orphan photo I just retrieved from eBay.

Unfortunately, there is no identifying information for this adorable photo.

Based on the style of dress and shoes, I estimate that it was taken around 1900.  The little girl is probably about two or three.  It's hard to see in the scanned image, but she is wearing a thick-banded ring on her right hand.  She is also wearing a necklace, with perhaps a locket.

n69600789072_4724 This post is also being written for the Smile for the Camera carnival, where the prompt this time is costume:  No, not as in Halloween. Costume as in dress in general; especially the distinctive style of dress of a people, class, or period. Show us that picture that you found with your family collection or purchased that shows the costumes of the rich to the not so rich, from the civil war to the psychedelic sixties.

I thought this was a cute photo that represents children's fashion of the early 1900s, especially that adorable pleated skirt.  And personally, I just love those little shoes!

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Cheryle Hoover Davis

It's so awesome that you rescue these old photos, then post them! Has anyone come across your posts and identified their family? That would be really wonderful!

I love how you've done so much research on these photos and families!

Greta Koehl

Button-up shoes - my favorite! And those ringlets are adorable, too.

Julie Cahill Tarr

Thanks, Cheryl. I have located a descendant of one of the photos and contacted her via snail mail...figured it was less intrusive than a phone call. I have not heard back from her as of yet. I hope to have a "reunion" story to post some day soon.

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